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    Our Coaching Services

    Our Coaching Services

    We offer professionally coached individual and group tennis lessons for kids/adults of all levels/age.

    • We also organize corporate tennis trainings
    • We come directly to our students’ compounds or to any other tennis court that is convenient for them.
    • We teach with a lot of professional tennis materials and methods, in which we adapt to each student.


    We mainly coach in PUXI area, so for clients located in Pudong, either you can travel to Puxi for your lesson or you can assist us in finding at least 3 hours coaching in a row for our coaches to come in Pudong.

  • Target group and objectives:

    • Pro Tennis Coaching is dedicated to the promotion of tennis in Shanghai and is pleased to offer a high quality tennis program for children and adults right in your neighborhood!
    • Our Junior Development Tennis Program is designed to stimulate and challengechildren of all age groups, levels, and abilities
    • Our future champions will learn more than how to hit a tennis ball; they will learn how to play and master the game of tennis. Our professionals use drills, games, and instructional teaching aids to help children learn simple tasks first, and then eventually move on to more challenging exercises.
    • Every segment quickly builds confidence, focus, and consistency.
    • Players will also work on physical conditioning to include proper warm-ups,stretching, footwork, balance, strength, and endurance.

    Our tennis programs are set in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

    For new players, a short assessment session can be arranged with one of our coaches, free of charge, who will advise you on the appropriate coaching course for your standards.

    Pro Tennis Coaching Team:

    • Pro Tennis Coaching gathers a team of 4 of the best Shanghai foreign coaches from France, Italy and USA that are all dedicated to providing our members with the finest tennis lessons in Shanghai.
    • All of our professionals are highly qualifiedplayers and teachers, allowing them to share their successful techniques with players of all skill levels starting from our beginners to our most advanced players.
    • They all benefit from a great coaching experience with kids/adults.
    • Our coaches’ team takes a special interest in each of the students as they develop, accomplish, and improve their skills.
    • The coaches monitor all players throughout the coaching sessions, and at the end of each course, will advise players (or parents of juniors) of their progress and on appropriate follow-up courses. Each instructor delivers adiploma of accomplishment at
  • Our Tennis Lessons Services Rates

    Below rates never include the tennis court rental costs.

    The court fees have to be paid by the client as well, to the concerned tennis court management directly.

    Individual Lessons

    350 RMB/hour

    Group Lessons

    220 RMB /hour/p. (for 2 people)
    175 RMB /hour/p. (for 3 people)
    150 RMB /hour/p. (for 4 people)

  • General Coaching Services Overview

    The Pro Tennis Coaching Coaches are pleased to be able to offer a variety of teaching options to our students, depending on their individual needs. We understand that not everyone will benefit from the same style of tennis coaching. This is why we offer a range of learning options, based on time, ability, and personal preference, so that you are able to choose the best option for you.

    • Junior Tennis: Courses for 5 to 18 year olds from Beginner to Advanced Level. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of eight players per coach and specific courses are designed to meet your players' needs.
    • Senior Tennis: New courses for Beginners through to Advanced Level players are available to offer your senior membership sessions covering the different aspects of the game from technique to tactical know-how. All sessions are extremely active, allowing the player to gradually improve fitness as well as tennis skills in a fun environment. Young Mums and friends with children to look after. Morning tea's, Private lessons: For those people who would like coaching one on one, or perhaps a small group. If you’re in preparation for a big game or you'd just like to have some fun whilst keeping in shape and developing your skills. Also ideal for children to make sure they get that all important grounding in the sport. Call for an appointment.
    • Adult Groups: Enjoy a good workout while covering general themes. Book a mini course of five weeks and bring your friends along. Call for Fitness freak out: Full-on tennis workouts just like the Pro’s do it! Aerobic exercise while playing tennis. Bring a towel! Dates on demand.
    • Special needs groups: For all groups that need special attention whilst having fun (Experienced, Ref's available)
    • Private Court Visiting: A great idea for the person with limited time on their hands. Perhaps you have security concerns and would prefer you children to have lessons at home. Get a bunch of friends together for tennis and lunch.
    • Children's courses run parallel with the school term and vary in price. Children's group sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 students Contact Charles for details.
    • First Serve Tennis offers a wide range of tennis related services other than coaching including Racket and accessory sales, Racket stringing and of course, free advice.
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